Therapeutic Massage

Our therapeutic massages offer a multitude of benefits. Regular sessions can effectively alleviate stress and tension, promote better sleep, increase energy levels, and sharpen concentration. We take pride in customizing each massage to meet your unique needs and preferences.

Our approach is client-centric, and we don’t push specific techniques because our pricing is purely based on time. Our skilled therapists employ a diverse range of bodywork modalities to improve blood circulation and induce relaxation. Whether you’re seeking a gentle and soothing massage or a revitalizing deep-pressure treatment, our dedicated team will collaborate with you to craft a personalized experience that aligns with your requirements. It is suitable for athletes and sports enthusiasts.


Valentine Special 90 min is a symphony of relaxation techniques, harmoniously orchestrated to provide you with the ultimate spa experience.
*Full Body Relaxation*Soothing Scalp Massage* Tranquil Valentine’s Special Aromatherapy Oil* Foot Reflexology*Hot Stone*


60 min


90 min


120 min

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